welcome to Country Boys, a sendai kamotsu fansite.

my name is Psyence. i created this site because there are, to my knowledge, no other SK fansites out there, and i thought they deservered some lovin' XD

sendai kamotsu are nightmare's 'other band'. if you don't know who nightmare are, you can find out here. sendai kamotsu are completely crazy. there's no doubt about it, but they're also amazing. if you already love nightmare then sendai will be your dream come true XD good music AND lots of playful antics <3 hurrah for sendai!

this site was designed for mozilla firefox viewing and at the screen resolution of 800 x 600. the only other browser that i own is IE, and i know that unless you fix it the text in IE turns out huge. to fix this problem, just hold down your ctrl key and move the ball on your mouse around until it looks right. that trick should work in other browsers too, but if it doesn't, forgive me x . x;; there's only so much i can do.

navigation is pretty simple - just to the right. if you have any problems with the site or you just want to say that you love sendai, go post a message on the tagboard!

LAST UPDATE: 13th december 2007

your saccharine mistress,